How About This Problem??

Read  this news, sorry to post it now, but I feel it is still our serious problem.. What is your opinion to know this?

The number of university and academy graduates who will not be absorbed by the market will reach 1,142,751 people this year, up by 15 percent from last year.

Coordinating researcher at the Manpower Ministry’s Information, Development and Research Center, Prof. Zantermans Rajagukguk, said on Thursday the number of jobless intellectuals in the country would continue increasing as they tended to seek not create jobs.

“Their goal after completing studies is to find jobs, rather than to create jobs,” Zantermans said on the sidelines of a seminar held at Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, Central Java, on Thursday.

He said the growing population of jobless intellectuals was a result of the formal sector’s inability to absorb all the fresh graduates and the failure of higher education institutions to connect education and the market demand.

”Discrepancy between education and jobs up for grabs has given a rise to the number of jobless intellectuals and university graduates who take whatever jobs offered regardless of the low salary,” he said as quoted by kompas.com.
He suggested that the government develop skill-based higher education system and mutual cooperation between the industry sector and universities.

“Through the cooperation higher education institutions can learn development of technology or changes to production trends so that they can produce graduates who meet the market demand,” he said.

Source: The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 09/23/2010 7:17 PM

My comment…

Jobless problem is a complex problem in Indonesia, but really it can be anticipated. I’m so amazed to know that 1.14 million of jobless people is university and academy graduate. According to my opinion, the main false is come from the individual. As a university student, we must realize this condition. We have to know our purpose of studying in university or academy. But, as we know, many university students just only study, they don’t also ‘study’. They study in a higher education institution to get a prestige. By the fact, we can see the university students just follow the lecture and take a diploma. That’s all! They don’t study as well as they can. So, they don’t have a good experience to organize or to fix some problems in life. If it condition happens more and more, the university students become not creative.

I’m very agree with the opinion of Prof. Zantermans Rajagukguk who said that the number of jobless intellectuals in the country would continue increasing as they tended to seek not create jobs. In fact, the high school graduates look for the university who make them easy in finding job. Yeah, it’s not wrong. But, why don’t they think to get a university that helps them to study entrepreneurship or management, so that they can be a job creator, not a job seeker??  They want to get the easy way to get a job. Actually the case is the job vocations in Indonesia become decrease and decrease along with the increase of people. Ironically, just a little of student who think creatively to fix the complex problem in Indonesia, unemployment. By create a job, we not only fix our self problem, but also decrease the Indonesia’s problem.

So, I suggest, the government care with this conditions. They must develop industry sector to absorb the university graduates. Beside that, we, as the next generation in our country, must realize and know what the purpose of our studying. We have to change our mindset. We decided what our purpose of studying in the university. A good purpose is, we study to get knowledge as more as we can. Knowledge is not only come from the lecturer. So, we also have to be active and creative. An active and creative people doesn’t depend their future on seeking job, but creating job.


Do you know? This post actually is my english exercises, but I feel, Indonesia also needs your comments.. So I share it here.. If I say like that, what about your opinion? Hmmm.. 😉

bagaimana menurutmu? :)

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